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American Girls® Dolls by Pleasant Company

History of the Dolls

American Girls® dolls were the creation of Pleasant Rowland, who started the Pleasant Company in 1986 to produce and market the dolls via catalog. The dolls were aimed at preteens, ages 7 to 12, but rapidly became loved and collected by collectors of all ages. The original dolls were themed around historical time periods and included Felicity (Colonial), Kirsten (1854), Addy (1864), Samantha (1904), and Molly (1944). The American Girl of Today and Bitty Baby were later added to represent modern times, and Josefina (1824) was added to the line in the late '90's. In 1999 the company was sold to Mattel, who continues production of the dolls today. Recent additions include Kit (1934), Kaya (1764), Nellie (1904), and the Bitty Twins (toddlers). Record breaking annual gross sales have made this doll line second only to Mattel's Barbie® in terms of success.

Description of the Dolls

American Girls® dolls are 18 inches tall, with arms, legs, and head made of vinyl, and chubby stuffed cloth bodies. They have sleep eyes, and slightly open mouths with two front teeth showing. Bitty Baby is of similar construction, but has painted hair, and is 15 inches long.

Sample Doll - American Girls® Addy (Redressed)

American Girls Addy Doll

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