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Thumbelina by Ideal Toy Corp.

History of the Dolls

Ideal Toy Corp. made the original Thumbelina dolls in the 1960's and '70's, in 14 in. size (Tiny Thumbelina) and 20 in. size (Thumbelina). The first dolls had a knob on their backs and when wound up they gently wriggled. Later versions of the doll had criers and pull strings and were also made in 17 in. and 9 in. sizes.

Description of the Dolls

Thumbelina dolls have cloth stuffed bodies, vinyl arms, legs, and head, with painted eyes. They have a wind up plastic or wooden knob on their backs, some later ones have a pull string.

Sample Doll - Tiny Thumbelina (Original Clothes)

Ideal Tiny Thumbelina

This doll is in excellent condition - to see more close up photographs click here.

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